Yvesrocher.com Website Review & Ratings + Yves Rocher Coupons
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Yvesrocher.com Website Review & Ratings + Yves Rocher Coupons

Yves Rocher is a retailer of botanical beauty products for men and women, accessible online to the world from its beginnings in Paris.  The secret to this brand’s success is the dedication to quality, using on the best of plants for the line of cosmetics.  The planting tribe is made up of the 5 continents, ensuring that only the best plants are used, while maintaining a healthier world at the same time.  

Yves Rocher is based in La Gacilly, France, and as a multi-national company online shoppers can enjoy having their favorite product shipped directly to their front door, just about anywhere in the world.  You’ll feel the difference as you apply the creams, gels and fragrances to your skin according to product reveiws.

For the health conscious consumer and the greener world advocate, these products contain active botanical ingredients, creating mixtures and blends from natures best, combined with scientific research to develop customer solutions for every skin type.  They’ve taken the time to develop safe beauty products, which are safe even for sensitive skin types.


Yves Rocher: What makes it different?

From the beginning Yves Rocher’s botanical beauty products have been offered to the world with its guaranteed satisfaction, quality and affordable prices.  The site also offers a quick catalog order tab, offering shoppers an avenue to use discounts received in the mail, or simply enter your product code and schedule your next order.

  • Every order comes with free samples of similar and new emerging product lines.
  • Best prices are guaranteed without risk to the online shopper. 
  • Online shoppers can take advantage of the free shipping with orders totaling $40 or more.
  • Shoppers can return merchandise for any reason
  • Special promoting 50% savings or a 2 for 1 purchase is restricted to the website only. 
  • Monthly mailings offer additional discounts and savings for selected merchandise, which may not be listed on the website. 
  • There is a current limit of $300 for online orders place through the USA site, if your order in a larger amount, customer service needs to be contacted.
  • Online shoppers can take advantage of the newsletter for information of new products and beauty advice. 
Yves Rocher vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Yves Rocher)

The Body Shop is a beauty product company, selecting merchandise containing natural ingredients as their product line.  The Body Shop carries a wider selection of products with a satisfaction guarantee for all refunds of merchandise returned with a receipt, less the shipping and handling charges. Damaged or defective merchandise will be replaced as quickly as possible without any additional charges for shipping or handling.  Gift packages are preassembled and they maintain the right to replace or substitute with an equal value if the ordered product is not available. The Body Shop does apply the appropriate state taxes on sales, and it appears that they may only ship within the USA.

Beauty Bridge is a multi-channel skincare retailer, selling mineral cosmetics, bath care, fragrances and hair and nail products.  They claim to carry over 150 brands, with an inventory of more than 10,000 products.  They offer online shoppers a site for the hard to find or selective products at affordable pricing.  Beauty Bridge also offers free samples for shoppers and the have a Price Match Guarantee challenge for new and in stock merchandise.  Online shoppers need to send the URL posting the merchandise and on approval the consumer will be credited the difference. Bidding sites are excluded from this offer.  Online shoppers can have their orders shipped within North American and International locations.

Gotham Beauty is selling natural and organic beauty products for men and women.  The product lines contain all quality ingredients without harmful chemicals consisting of a wide selection of skincare, bath, fragrances and hair products.  They offer free shipping with orders totaling $25 with the site capable of converting to accommodate shoppers in the USA, Brazil and the United Kingdom.  Return policies require the shopper to contact the company, and they state that refunds or exchanges may not be acceptable for opened or used items.  Return policies are in effect for 30 days from the date of purchase.  While shopping online if the item is not in stock, shoppers have the option of being notified through email when the inventory is restored.  They claim to stock over 600 brand named products, which have been proven to be free of carcinogenic, toxic or synthetic ingredients.

Yves Rocher: Pricing & packages

Yves Rocher Father’s Day Specials are being promoted, which include shaving products, and naturally inspired scents for men.  Online consumers can purchase a single item or choose from a gift package.  One of the most popular skincare products helps to revitalize the skin, reducing the signs of aging for an astounding difference in one month.

Fragrances for Men

Yves Rocher Father's day - Transat Eau de Toilette is inspired by the sea's essence with a blend of rosemary. 

  • 2.5 fl.oz. Spray / 75 ml, on sale for $17.00, regular price is $34.00.
  • The Body Shop's White Musk for Men Eau de Toilette, 3.3 fl.oz. can be purchase alone for $28.00.
  • Beauty Bridge is selling Calvin Klein's OBSESSION, 4 fl.oz. Eau de Toilette for $55.25.

Men's Aftershave Balm

Yves Rocher Homme Nature After-Shave contains the freshness of outdoors, used to calm the burn from shaving, leaving the skin smooth and soft to the touch.  There are hints of ivy, mint with a touch of sandalwood. 

  • Spray 1.7 fl.oz./50 ml, on sale for $17.00, regular price is $34.00.
  • The Body Shop's White Musk aftershave balm, contains brazilian nut oil and aloe to soothe the skin after shaving for $14.00.
  • Beauty Bridge's Peter Thomas Roth -3.4 fl. oz aftershave balm with extracts of grape seed, green tea and chamomile works with all skin types is $24.00.

Gift Sets for Men

Yves Rocher Gift Set Green for men with the scent of lime and aromatic woods in a shower gel and Eau de Toilette package.  

  • Eau de Toilette 2.5 fl.oz. Spray / 75 ml and the shower gel 2.5 fl.oz. Tube / 75 ml is $32.00.
  • The Body Shop's White Musk for Men Aftershave and Shampoo gift package - Eau de Toilette 3.3. fl.oz. and Hair and Body Wash 6.7 fl.oz. is $32.00.
  • The Beauty Bridge is selling Calvin Klein's OBSESSION For Men Gift Package - Eau de Toilette 4 fl.oz. and Aftershave 4 fl.oz. for $67.00.

Skin Care

Yves Rocher's Cure Solutions 24H Vitality Skin Care is formulated to reduce the signs of fatigue, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, making a noticeable difference in just a month. 

  • Perfect for all skin types. 1.7 fl.oz. Jar / 50 ml, on sale for $26.50, regular price is $48.00.
  • The Body Shop's Vitamin E Intense Moisturizer contains wheat germ oil to moisturize and conditon the skin against premature aging 1.7 fl.oz. Jar / 50 ml for $20.00. 
  • Beauty Bridge is selling Nuxe Nuxuriance Anti-Aging Cream, 50 ml.  It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and improves skin condition with radiance for $65.00.
Yves Rocher: Product images & screenshots
Yves Rocher Coupons
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Yves Rocher: Customer reviews & comments

Yves Rocher Reviews

I have been using Yves Rocher skin care products for 15 years and I get compliments on how nice my skin looks all the time.(Even from the teachers at the local beauty school!) I will never change brands. Yves rocher has been amazing for me and the fact that they have a line for all skin types is a big plus. I highly recommend their products to everyone!

Consistently satisfying and fun to shop.  I have read a lot of the reviews on this page about Yves Rocher and have to strongly disagree

Great Products and Great Deals!  I've always ordered from Yves Rocher and never had a problem, well, okay, sometimes the gals talk so fast and with their beautiful accents, it's hard to keep up!    

VERY Deceitful customer service.  Don't order from Yves Rocher unless your prepared to be told LIES!

Great Men's products! I get many compliments on my cologne and people even inquire as to what I am wearing. Eryo and Evidence are the two I use with their corresponding aft...

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